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Urquhart Consulting is about coaching individuals through change and transitions faced primarily during middle to late career stages. 

You entered the workforce with mostly classroom learning from educational institutions. You added training, maybe more education, and entry-level experiences. You continued on to build your skills/competencies and developed your special bank of knowledge and wisdom, which you are destined to use at the pinnacle of your career and/or to pass on to others as you depart.  You may now best benefit from coaching. Like a professional athlete or other performer you’re looking for that expert edge either for achieving higher performance in your current role and /or planning for achieving the next stage of your potential. 

Urquhart Consulting is about a re-look or new look at how much or how well you manage your change and transition mid to late career, including the possibility of “retirement”. Job/employer change?  Life changes that affect career decisions and balance the two?  Retirement?  M & A related termination Voluntarily or involuntarily these actions challenge you to evaluate your career progression, and journey anew.  John Wooden said, “there is no progress without change, but not all change is progress. We coach for progressive change.