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“In selecting a coach, it is important to understand their track record of developing and enhancing leadership skills. In addition to being very well respected and highly regarded in the corporate world for getting outstanding results across various corporate disciplines.”

“Ernie is very focused on getting results by aligning my talents and skills to be efficient in everything we do. His approach and methodology was very refreshing, as I felt empowered. It was rather amazing how he leveraged his broad experience with various performance enhancement tools. He has the rare ability to get the best out of you. In particular, his approach to expanding my leadership capacity and presence. Implementing his approach has allowed me to successfully grow my current reporting portfolio and divisions of business responsibilities.”

System COO of major health care system


“...he has done a phenomenal job in helping me to explore transitioning from Entrepreneurship to Senior Level Corporate opportunities. He is intentional about including the personal facets of life that may impact such change..."

“Ernie “coaches” the whole person and in doing so helps the individual to connect the dots between personal, professional, and spiritual life...”

“I would highly recommend Ernie’s style of coaching to anyone making a transition that may be a “life change” in some fashion, but especially for a more seasoned individual where the balance between personal and professional life becomes much more significant and there is a search for more life balance while remaining successful in professional endeavors...”

VP/Senior Consultant of major health care division, after selling her health care agency business


“Beyond his extensive professional know-how, one of the best things about working with Ernie is that he gives you his full and undivided attention. He listens intently, provides valuable insight and is able to help you find clarity and direction. He cares about your well-being as a professional and a human being and has the rare quality of making you feel good about yourself...”

President of Patient Advocacy organization


“Ernie’s own experiences and pragmatic approach are two things that make him a wonderful coach and teacher.
I’ve relied upon Ernie and his steady hand to guide me through countless situations both personally and professionally.”

SVP/CHRO of one of the largest health care system


“Ernie is a seasoned executive who listens carefully, thinks creatively, and helps you through the knotholes of your own problems. He is excellent at the role of a trusted advisor.”

Retired executive of several major corporations


“Ernie is the consummate mentor/coach.  His professionalism combined with his giving spirit makes him amazing at what he does. Whenever I talk to him, I always walk away with one more “golden nugget.”

VP HR at Fortune 100 Corporation